Expertise Where It Counts

Expertise is defined by Webster’s as “a high level of knowledge or skill”.  Many businesses simply can’t afford to hire experts on staff.  For this reason, it has become commonplace for companies to contract with outside accountants and attorneys.  Ever-changing laws and regulations make having an accountant and attorney a must for any business. WhatContinue Reading

Heat Stress – There’s an App for That!

During hot summer months Workers’ Compensation claims spike with heat-related injuries, accidents, and deaths.  In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports heat-related deaths outnumber flood-, tornado-, and cold-related deaths on average for the past 30 years. The NOAA and Center for Disease Control (CDC), along with other domestic and international partners haveContinue Reading

Start-Up Strong: PEOs Help Keep You Focused

Whether it’s a new start-up company, the start-up of a division or department, or the ramp up for a specific project, it takes a large commitment from management and operations. Enlisting the help of a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) can be the key to success. With the changing business climate, a large company made theContinue Reading

Safety Update: New OSHA Final Rule

OSHA’s new final rule brings safety standards up to date after more than 40 years.  The final rule reduces U.S. workers’ exposure to respirable crystalline silica, and requires engineering controls such as water or ventilation, or respirators when engineering controls are not adequate.  This is an effort to curb diseases such as lung cancer, kidneyContinue Reading

Workplace Safety: Avoid Spider Bites

As the weather warms, workplace safety is top priority as many jobs gear up for outdoor activity—perhaps spring cleaning of a work site or storage building.  Care should be taken as warm weather is also a time for spiders to be active. In the South and Midwest, brown recluse and black widow spiders are theContinue Reading

Job Site Safety: Drink Up to Combat Dehydration

Job site safety isn’t all about power cords and ladders.  The heat can take its toll. Now is the time to prepare for Spring and Summer weather.  Believe it or not, something as simple as sharing a drink—of water, that is—may mean the difference between productivity and injury.  Dehydration taxes mental and physical health. Some ofContinue Reading

Do Your Employees Need Safety Training? The Answer is Yes!

Businesses of all sizes face challenges in planning for capital expenditures. Unfortunately, safety training and health management planning is not always a top priority. The cost of poor planning and lack of safety training can hit businesses hard. Spend on occupational injuries and illnesses currently tops $170 billion per year, expenses that come directly outContinue Reading

Why Every Company No Matter the Size Needs OSHA Training

When most people head off to work in the morning, the last thing they’re probably thinking about is whether the job they’re walking into is going to cause them injury or even death. However, the United States Department of Labor reports the following in its Job Safety and Health fact sheet: “Each year, approximately 6,000Continue Reading

10 Important Tips for Effective Ladder Safety Training

Falls account for almost a quarter of all workplace injuries and more than $14 billion in workers’ compensation claims, according to Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety’s 2014 Workplace Safety Index. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) took a closer look at workplace falls back in 2011 and discovered that 20% ofContinue Reading

Reducing Liability Through Efficient Claims Management

Companies today are in a continual state of change to maintain competitiveness. As a result, new processes and variables find their way into the company and can change the dynamics of a company. Planning and anticipation are key activities for just about every phase of business, including dealing with the potential for employee injuries. AccidentContinue Reading

6 Ways to Avoid Costly Workplace Safety Disasters

As the leader of your business, you know that there can be many hazards in the workplace. However, if you’re like most small business owners, you’re probably not thinking about the possibility of being affected by a workplace disaster. However, the construction, manufacturing and machinery industries are at a higher risk for workplace disasters –Continue Reading

5 Must-Know Facts About Workers’ Compensation for Small Business Owners

Workers’ Compensation (WC) can be a complex issue for small business owners to navigate. Each state has different workers’ compensation legislation, and related laws can change often. In fact, in the state of Texas, worker’s compensation coverage is not even required by law. It’s no wonder why we encounter business owners asking questions about WCContinue Reading

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