2018 Small Business Plan

2018: A Small Business Plan for Success

This time of year, business owners are wrapping up 2017 and looking ahead to 2018. A recap of 2017 shows you not only what happened, but what you did to make it happen.   As you look to your strategic plans for 2018, ask yourself these four questions: What happened in 2017 that was NOT a resultContinue Reading

2018 ACA Changes: Are You Affected?

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has certain changes to some requirements that take effect in 2018. As an employer it is important for you to know how you are defined by ACA to determine if the changes affect you. Is Your Plan Grandfathered? Grandfathered plans are those in existence before ACA was enacted March 23,Continue Reading

PEO: More Than Just a Paycheck

When you think of PEO services what is the first thing that comes to mind?  Most managers would answer, “Payroll”.  But Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) perform many Human Resource functions that can drain the resources of small to medium-sized businesses.  One such service is administering verifications. Verification of employment and wages are made to lendersContinue Reading

Would You Do Business with You?

Think about it.  Would you do business with you?  Look at it from your customers’ perspective.  What are the reasons your customers select you?  Is it because you are a local business?  Because you stay up-to-date on industry trends?  Offer great customer service? Pay attention to detail?  Because you offer products and/or services that solveContinue Reading

Workers’ Compensation: Making Sense of It All

Many people are familiar with the term Workers’ Compensation but few can truly make sense of it all.  Workers’ Compensation is a state-regulated insurance program that pays medical bills and replaces certain lost wages for employees who are injured on the job.  Texas stands alone in allowing employers to forego Workers’ Compensation Insurance, resulting in more thanContinue Reading

2017: What’s In Store for Business?

UniqueHR owner, Garry Bradford is like most American business owners trying to gauge what is in store for 2017, with a new President, new Administration, and new Congress.  Having met recently with investment bankers, bank presidents, business owners, and U.S. and State Legislators, Mr. Bradford describes the overall mood among the group as “optimistically conservative.”Continue Reading

What Don’t You Do?

A recent survey by Public Opinion Strategies found that small businesses across a wide range of industries and sectors, depend on a variety of business services.  Of the small business owners surveyed, more than 65% of the companies utilize payroll and insurance broker services.   More than 35% of respondents indicated the company uses human resourceContinue Reading

13 Questions You Should Ask to Find an Honest HR Outsourcing Company

As the vast body of labor regulations continues to grow and ratchet ever tighter, companies must keep abreast of and comply with hundreds of new workplace requirements each year. This means hiring bigger HR departments, contracting with more outside experts, or both. To staunch administrative outflows and cut through the complexity, many businesses are lookingContinue Reading

Avoid the Cadillac Tax by Adopting Voluntary Benefits

One part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that has business owners shifting toward offering more voluntary benefits is the Cadillac Tax. Due to go into effect in 2018, this 40 percent levy on “high cost” health care plans was created to offset the costs of the ACA. Exposure to the tax is based onContinue Reading

10 Strangely Useful Workplace Wellness Technologies

Thanks to changes in workplace law and economic pressures raising health care costs, employers are now leveraging the workplace to improve employee health more than ever before. Today’s workplace wellness programs offer more than just fruit in the vending machines; they take direct aim at employee’s blood pressure, cholesterol, body-mass index and smoking habits. 10Continue Reading

You’re Not Crazy to Self-Fund Your Health Care Benefits

Insurance costs are increasing and employers are feeling the sting. To save costs, many businesses are increasingly doing the exact thing insurance is designed to avoid: self-funding their own benefits programs. One painful reform having a large impact on workplace benefits is the Cadillac Tax, which is designed to help fund the Affordable Care ActContinue Reading

Strategies to Improve Your Business Through Exit Interviews

Managing employee turnover isn’t the most glamorous part of running a company. Preparing to open up a vacancy can be just as taxing as filling one. Having a strategy to conduct exit interviews can ensure a smooth and amicable transition for both company and employee. And it might just glean the kind of honest feedback thatContinue Reading

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