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This partner’s operations consist of towing, wrecker services, and storage of recovered vehicles. This partner is located in Texas and has two additional wrecker yards in surrounding cities. Their staff is comprised of administrative professionals, dispatchers, mechanics, wreckers, and wrecker drivers.



Our UniqueHR Safety team received a call from our partner’s Operations Manager at 7:45 AM on Saturday morning with some tragic news. He informed us that one of the drivers had been involved in a severe accident and that the driver (employee) was fine other than a possible knee injury; however the driver of the other vehicle passed away on the scene.


The UniqueHR Safety team immediately shot into action and arrived at the scene of the accident at 8:10 AM to meet with the Operations Manager and the company’s vehicle insurance representative. As DPS and first responders completed their investigation, our team was allowed to meet with the employee that was involved in the accident. The employee stated that he had injured his left knee during the accident. The employee was also visibly shaken up and in shock having witnessed the other vehicle go up in flames and now realizing the other driver passed away.

It was collectively decided that the UniqueHR Safety team would take the employee to the hospital to be fully examined. While in transit, the UniqueHR Workers’ Compensation department contacted the hospital and gave them all the necessary information. Simultaneously, the team made arrangements with a mobile drug screening company to meet them at the hospital. The team arrived at the hospital just as the employee’s wife arrived. As the x-rays and drug screening took place, the UniqueHR Safety team stayed with the employee’s wife to let her know what happened.

Later that day, our UniqueHR Safety team met with the Operations Manager and DPS officer to conduct a DOT post accident inspection on the truck. The truck passed all inspection points and all documentation regarding the vehicle and maintenance were pulled. The Operations Manager and our UniqueHR Safety team discussed what should be done next and decided to move their safety meeting up to Monday morning in order to discuss the incident with their entire management staff.


Our partner was extremely appreciative of the manner this accident was handled to ensure that everyone’s interests were taken into account.





This situation was very unfortunate and taxing on all parties involved. It required a swift and professional response from the UniqueHR Safety and Workers’ Compensation teams of behalf of our partner. Our partner was extremely appreciative of the manner this accident was handled to ensure that everyone’s interests were taken into account.



“This was an extremely disastrous case and no one could have predicted it, but our UniqueHR Safety team was on the scene faster than the owner of the company. We absolutely pride ourselves on that service and our partners’ ability to rest easier knowing their interests and their employees’ are represented with the upmost care.”

Richard Sanchez
UniqueHR Safety Manager
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